Home Health Aide 

Home Health Aides at Sunnyside Community Services/Sunnyside Home Care Project provide thorough and effective care, per New York State’s Department of Health guidelines. The care is directed by a registered professional nurse and is outlined in a written plan of care. All care is compliant with standard precautions and is conducted according to the established policies, procedures, and objectives of the home care agency. 

Home Health Aide positions are available in Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. Shifts available include live-in, weekdays, weekends, and 24-hour cases. Home Health Aides are paid weekly. 

A criminal history record check is required for employment in New York State. 


  • Perform and document direct client care delivery as specified on care plan; observe, record, and report information about client. 
  • Assist with personal care needs which include 
    • Shampooing hair. 
    • Dressing upper and lower body. 
    • Oral hygiene, including denture care. 
    • Maintenance of hearing aids, eyeglasses, and other prosthetics (bring the equipment/device to the patient; assist the client to put on/off the equipment/device; clean and store the equipment/ device). 
    • Routine and special skin care. 
    • Positioning and turning in bed. 
    • Perinea care and urinary catheter care (clean skin and catheter tubing with soap and water; empty the drainage bags; measure and record urinary output). 
    • Bathing client. 
    • Nail care. 
    • Assisting with toileting and elimination. 
  • Collect specimens. 
  • Accurately measure, record, and report vital signs: 
    • Temperature, including reading a glass thermometer. 
    • Pulse. 
    • Respiration. 
    • Blood pressure. 
  • Measure, report, and record intake and output; perform ostomy care; and perform simple dressing changes. 
  • Assist with pre-poured medications that are self-administered. 
  • Use prescribed medical equipment and supplies such as oxygen and medication nebulizer consistent with the Home Health Aide Scope of Practice guidelines. 
  • Assist with ambulation; range of motion; prescribed exercise program as instructed by a professional therapist; and transferring and alignment including use of special equipment such as wheelchairs, Hoyer lift, crutches, walkers, and safety devices. 
  • Perform household duties while maintaining household safety and principles of accident prevention.  
  • Household tasks include: 
    • Shopping. 
    • Preparing meals in accordance with a prescribed diet ranging from regular to simple and complex modified diets. 
    • Feeding client. 
    • Washing dishes. 
    • Changing linens. 
    • Maintaining a clean environment that includes the bathroom, dusting, and laundering the client’s clothing. 
  • Escort client and perform errands as directed under plan of care.  
  • Recognize emergencies and follow agency procedures appropriately.  
  • Exhibit understanding of physical, emotional and developmental needs of clients. 
  • Provide assistance to self-directed clients with money management for groceries and other household supplies as documented on the plan of care and under general supervision of the Registered Nurse. 
  • Comply with agency confidentiality policies; demonstrate an understanding of client’s rights; and maintain respect for client privacy and personal property.   
  • Comply with New York State Department of Health requirements for 12 hours of in-service per year, annual health assessments, annual TB evaluation and testing, any testing required by the agency to determine if a health risk exists with the employee that could potentially harm the client, competency evaluation, and annual performance review. 
  • Work weekends and holidays as required and other related duties as assigned or requested. 

Physical Requirements 

  • Frequent prolonged standing and/or walking; lifts, pushes, and/or transfers client; lifts supplies and equipment; frequently twists, stoops, bends, squats; and occasionally climbs stairs.  
  • May spend varied percentage of working time indoors or outdoors, depending upon client needs.   
  • Communicates verbally and/or in writing with client’s family, visiting nurses, therapists, etc.  
  • Reasonable accommodation may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential functions of the position without compromising client care. 

Education, Training, and Working Environment 

  • Graduate of a New York State Department of Health approved Home Health Aide Training Program, and/or Personal Care Aide Upgrade Program 
  • Works without regular supervision in client’s homes. May be frequently exposed to client elements. Subject to varying and unpredictable situations, in an unsupervised environment, with frail, compromised elderly or sick individuals, and/or children. 

Hourly Rate: $17.00/hour weekdays and $18.10/hour weekends 


  • Paid vacation 
  • Paid sick days 
  • Paid holidays 
  • Hourly wage for travel 
  • Health insurance 
  • 1199 SEIU Union Membership 
  • Free training provided for PCA and HHA certifications. 

How to Apply 
Send resume to ssimpson@scsny.org. Please indicate “Home Health Aide – Your Name” in the email subject line. 

All positions at Sunnyside Home Care Project are filled without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, HIV/AIDS status, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law. All are encouraged to apply.   

Sunnyside Community Services/Sunnyside Home Care Project strives to address, explore, and educate all our stakeholders about the diversity of human experience and to advance and integrate racial equity and social justice into all organizational policies and programs. We believe that everyone, regardless of who they are or what they do for the organization, should feel equally involved and supported. Sunnyside Community Services represents a commitment to considering the whole person and how systemic barriers and access to opportunities can affect their well-being.  

Sunnyside Home Care Project is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Employer