Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

D.E.I. Vision

  • The SCS workforce will represent the diversity of the communities we serve and foster a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture for employees, clients, and the public we serve.
  • We believe that embracing our diversity by supporting the uniqueness of each individual leads to social and emotional intelligence, adding value to the richness of the services provided to the communities we serve.
  • Our dedication reflects the depth of our commitment to diversity and a global and multicultural perspective for Sunnyside Community Services and affiliates.

D.E.I. Goals

  • FOSTER an anti-discriminatory culture at SCS that promotes the goals of accepting, respecting, and valuing differences.
  • PROMOTE diversity, equity, and inclusion to create a more equitable and inclusive organizational culture reflected in our policies, practices, and procedures where individuals feel valued and respected. We strive to advance this goal through education, training, development, and self-awareness.
  • SERVE as a resource for all stakeholders to learn about, discuss, and ask questions regarding issues and topics related to DEI.
  • FACILITATE communication between all stakeholders and members of our community.
  • COLLABORATE with Staff, Executive Leadership, and the Board of Directors in the ongoing pursuit of developing and growing an equitable, inclusive, and diverse organization.
  • CREATE organizational accountability for implementation and sustenance of DEI best practices.