Talent is Timeless

Earlier this week, members of our Center for Active Older Adults participated in the Talent is Timeless competition. Talent is Timeless is a talent competition for older New Yorkers organized by NYC Aging. The first round of competitions are held at older adult centers throughout the city. More than 15 acts performed in our talent show that was held on July 18. Our top three acts will advance to the 2nd round – the regional competition – later this summer, with the final round – the citywide competition – scheduled for late September.

The top three acts at our talent show were Wenceslao Mejia, who sang and played the charango; Yvonne Rodriguez and Jaime Montero, who danced the Paso Doble; and Angela Ruiz and Jaime Montero, who danced the Salsa. Congratulations to all our talented competitors!